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Revolutionizing Employment Opportunities for Polish Specialists

At Codebase, we specialize in crafting top-notch software solutions using Flutter and Laravel. We are excited to showcase our recent project, Spidersys, a groundbreaking application that connects Polish specialists with rewarding employment opportunities abroad. Spidersys simplifies the recruitment process for both employees and employers by providing a user-friendly platform to discover, apply, and manage job applications.

Key Features
Home View

The home view offers a customized experience for logged-in users, featuring a visually appealing dashboard that displays revenue charts, quick search options, popular job categories, and the most recent job postings. For users who are not logged in, a captivating introduction to Spidersys, along with an overview of its comprehensive services, is showcased.

Advanced Search

The search view is equipped with powerful, intuitive search filters that enable users to effortlessly find job opportunities tailored to their specific preferences and qualifications. The search results are meticulously organized, making it a breeze for users to browse through the wide array of potential positions.

Detailed Order

Users can access extensive information about each job posting to make informed decisions, including a thorough job description, location details, work schedule, compensation package, and other relevant factors. The “Apply” button is clearly visible, allowing users to navigate to the application.

User-Friendly Two-Step Application Process

The team boasts a highly intuitive and streamlined application process that prioritizes user experience. The two-step process includes an easy-to-understand application form followed by a confirmation step, making it remarkably simple for users to apply for job positions.

Upon successful application submission, users receive a congratulatory message, offering them a sense of accomplishment and boosting their confidence.

Order Progress Tracking and Invoice Submission

Spidersys offers a comprehensive feature that allows users to track the stages of their active job orders, showcasing both completed and pending tasks. This feature ensures maximum transparency and efficiency throughout the entire process.

Moreover, users can effortlessly submit invoices for each stage directly to the Spidersys office, along with relevant job pictures as confirmation. This streamlined approach fosters seamless communication and timely payments.

Payment Tracking and Analytics

The platform provides users with an insightful payment tracking feature, which includes an interactive analytics chart and a detailed list of payments. Users can easily view their payment history, along with essential information such as payment dates, amounts, and methods.

This powerful tool enables users to stay on top of their finances and gain valuable insights into their earnings over time.

Robust Chat System

To enhance user experience, the platform integrates a dynamic chat system that connects application users with office employees. This feature ensures that any inquiries, concerns, or updates are promptly addressed, fostering a strong relationship between users and the team.

The chat system elevates the overall experience by offering efficient support and real-time collaboration.

Knowledge Center

Spidersys goes the extra mile by including a comprehensive library packed with valuable resources, expert tips, and guidance for users exploring the international job market. This knowledge center empowers users to make well-informed decisions and navigate the complexities of working abroad with confidence.

Comprehensive CRM for Efficient Data Management

Our platform is complemented by a powerful desktop CRM application designed to manage all essential data effectively. The CRM features a secure login system that uses magic links, ensuring quick and safe access to the platform.

With a comprehensive set of features such as dashboard analytics, chat, orders and subcontractors management, and communication channels like push notifications, SMS, and emails, the CRM offers a holistic solution for data management and streamlines all aspects of business operations.

Intuitive CRM Dashboard Analytics

The CRM’s dashboard provides a clear overview of key performance metrics and business insights, allowing users to monitor progress and make data-driven decisions to optimize operations.

Seamless Chat for Team Collaboration

A dedicated chat system within the CRM facilitates smooth communication between team members, enabling efficient collaboration and prompt resolution of any issues or inquiries.

Efficient Management of Subcontractors

Users can oversee and manage all subcontractors effectively using the CRM’s extensive subcontractors management module, ensuring optimal coordination and performance throughout the project lifecycle.

Diverse Communication Channels

The CRM enhances user engagement and ensures timely updates by supporting various communication channels, including push notifications, SMS, and emails. This feature enables effective dissemination of important information and updates, keeping all team members well-informed.


With the innovative features and seamless user experience offered by our latest project, we at Codebase are proud to be at the forefront of empowering Polish specialists to access unparalleled employment opportunities abroad. The platform’s combination of an intuitive interface, sophisticated features, and streamlined processes make it the go-to solution for job seekers and employers worldwide.

By incorporating advanced search capabilities, a user-friendly application process, comprehensive order tracking, and seamless communication tools, we ensure that users have all the necessary resources at their fingertips. The platform not only simplifies the job-seeking journey but also provides valuable insights and resources to help users make well-informed decisions and navigate the complexities of working abroad with confidence.

As we continue to innovate and enhance our solutions, we remain committed to transforming the way individuals connect with rewarding employment opportunities in the global arena. Experience the difference today and embark on a remarkable journey with our groundbreaking platform, designed to unlock a world of possibilities for Polish specialists seeking opportunities abroad.

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